About Mega Cap

Mega Cap, one of the leading headwear wholesalers in the United States,
is your one-stop shop for all your headwear needs. A trendsetter in today’s headwear market, Mega Cap caters to all of our customers’ specific needs by providing a great variety of styles and services. We provide our customers with fully comprehensive programs and products such as:

• Headwear manufacturer/Factory direct (Disney approved and certified

• Stock merchandise (over 800 different styles available)

• Full line of men’s, ladies, and youth headwear

• Domestic program with a wide variety of customization options

• Headwear/Accessories – caps, visors, bucket hats, fedora hats,
straw hats, wristbands, and headbands.

• Techniques – flat and 3D embroidery, various appliqués, screen printing,
heat transfers, rhinestones, and pearls.

• Overseas program with even more customization options

• Two self-owned factories in China, with more than 41 years of experience.

• Emphasis on quality and efficiency with innovative techniques and machines.

With more than 21 years of experience in the US market and over 41 years
of experience worldwide, we strive to offer the best selection, quality, price, and service.